Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5S – Is Apple Catching Up?

Apple and Samsung have been rivals for a very long time now. We are all aware of what both these companies have done against each other in the recent past. The battle between iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy range of devices are still tight, even though Apple’s units are among the best selling phones in the world.

Samsung continues to hold the upper hand, when it comes to sheer power. Take the Samsung Galaxy S4 for example, with Quadcore in it and one of the best screens in the market, the iPhone 5 seems to be lagging way behind when it comes to technicality, but it still by no means is an under powered device. So why do you think it all comes down to the specifications? Find out below.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5S – Specifications

What Samsung has done is, they have taken some headline features. The S4 has a full HD Screen, Quad Core Processor, 2 GB of RAM and many more. Even though many customers do not understand the real ability of these specifications, but they do want to get the best device out of their money spent. Therefore, these headline specifications make it really easy for Samsung to sell the phone.

iphone5s vs galaxys4

On the other hand, the latest addition to the range of iPhone’s is set to launch on September the 10th and will be rolling out alongside Apple’s iOS 7 operating system. The latest software update will bring a radical overhaul to Apple devices but will we see a similar bump in hardware in the iPhone 5S that will help close the gap with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Apple most probably will go with the Aluminium sleek design, with a smaller screen and will not go with the Quadcore processor, but will definitely keep customers thinking of what they will get next. Now the big question arises? Will the iPhone 5S sell well enough and keep Apple’s momentum going in the near future?

What Improvements to Expect from the iPhone 5S?

One or two improvements is what you can expect to see from the iPhone 5S. One such improvement is said to be a 13 Megapixel camera with Dual LED Flash which will definitely give a massive boost to the iPhone’s camera credentials and bring it more inline to the Samsung’s flagship phone.

Apple have never cared about other companies in the market, but high powered Android phone’s are steamrolling into the market everyday which is definitely a bad sign for the company. But the truth is, they will definitely be keeping an eye onto the Galaxy S4 and will be thinking of bringing out something better for the world. Apple will be trying very hard to show that they can innovate, and want people to say that the iPhone is the best phone in the market.

Only time can say, but what do you think Is Apple Catching Up? Share your thoughts in the comments below.