Not Registered On Network

What Does Not Registered on Network Actually Mean?

The “Not Registered on Network” problem means that your SIM card can’t connect to the network of your cell phone service.

And because of that, you might not be able to call or text anyone.

Any Android phone can have this problem, and the steps to fix it are the same no matter what brand or type it is. Some things that could have caused this mistake are:

1. An operating system or firmware that is out of date: Make sure that the operating system and firmware on your phone are up-to-date.

2. Disconnected or broken SIM card: Put your SIM card back in the right way.

3. Picking the wrong carrier: Pick your network by hand in settings.

4. Network outage: Call your cell phone company to see if there are any problems.

5. APN settings: If you changed service providers recently, make sure the Access Point Name (APN) settings are up-to-date.

6. Reset network settings: This can help you connect to your carrier’s network again.

Don’t forget to restart your phone, turn off Wi-Fi, and make sure you choose the right provider in the settings. If the problem doesn’t go away, you might want to contact your company for more help.

What is an APN setting?

An Access Point Name (APN) setting is a setup on your phone that lets it connect to the internet and other services your phone company offers. On the other hand, it connects your computer to the network of the service. Keep these important things in mind when setting up an APN:

An Access Point Name (APN) is a set of rules that tells the carrier’s network how to talk to your device. Some of these factors are the IP address, the network protocol, and the verification method.

As a general rule, an APN is made up of the following parts:

As an example, “Carrier Internet” is a name that describes the APN.

APN: The name of the access point that your service provider gives you, like “internet” or “web.”

If needed for registration, a username and password.

This is the Multimedia Messaging Service Centre, which is used for MMS (picture texts).

Setting up MMS contact with MMS Proxy and MMS Port.

Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC) are numbers that tell your company and country where you are.

If you want to change your APN options, go to your phone’s settings page and look for “Network & Internet” or “Mobile Networks.” You might have to type in the proper APN information by hand if it isn’t set up immediately.

Setting up the APN correctly is very important for data access, MMS, and other provider services. Incorrectly set up settings can result in network issues like the “Not Registered on Network” error.

How do I find my APN settings?

Follow these steps to get to your Android device’s APN settings:

  • Start up your phone and go to the Settings app.
  • Find the choice that says “Mobile Networks or Sim Cards.”
  • If you have more than one SIM card, tap on the one you use to browse the web.
  • Click on Address Book Names.
  • You should now be able to see your live APN settings.
  • You can make a new APN or update an old one if you need to change your settings. How to do it:

In the top-right spot, tap the three-dot menu.

Pick “New APN” if you want to make a new one.

You can look for the information on your prepaid SIM card or enter it exactly as it is written.
Click “Save” to make the changes take effect.

Remember that the right APN settings are very important for using the internet and other provider services. If you run into any problems, contact your company for help.

What should I do if my APN settings are incorrect?

If your APN settings are wrong, do these things to fix the problem:

Check the details: Check the APN information that your cell phone provider gave you again. You can get in touch with them through their website or customer service.

Make a New APN: If the settings you have now are wrong, make a new APN with the right information. How to do it:

  • Start up your phone and go to the Settings app.
  • Go to either Mobile Networks or Sim Cards.
  • Click on the SIM card that you use to browse the internet.
  • Pick out names for access points.
  • Pick “New APN” from the menu with three dots.
  • Just type in the right information (APN, username, password, etc.).
  • Remember the new APN.

Update Existing APN: If you already have an APN, make sure it has the correct details by:

Go to your settings and click on Access Point Names.
Pick out the current APN.
Change the information as needed.
Keep the changes.

Restart Your Phone: Once you’re done making changes, you need to restart your phone for the new APN settings to take effect.

Test Connectivity: Make sure your internet link is strong. You could browse the web or send an MMS.

Contact your company: If the problem doesn’t go away, call your cell phone company for more help. They can help you set up your network correctly or fix any problems you’re having with it.

Remember that correct APN settings are necessary for a smooth internet connection.