How to Check if Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Safe or Not

Samsung is in between the Galaxy Note 7 recollect, however, with thousands and thousands of devices on the market, some gadgets are sure to fall through the internet. There were some owners whose automobile became totaled in a fire due to a Note 7 (refer video below) and he didn’t even know that he is supposed to get a replacement.

So, how can you find out whether your Note 7 is secure to use or is one from the unique batch with a doubtlessly faulty battery?


Samsung Australia has posted new records at the recall process that sheds some light on the problem.

New Note 7 units will feature more than one exclusive marks on their retail box. Look for a “small black square at the white barcode” and a round decal with the letter “s”. We marked them with red in this photo:

Note 7


What to do if you lost your Note 7 Retail Box

What if you lost the retail box that your phone came on? You’ll still have the ability to check if the Note 7 is secure with the aid of running its IMEI number through a Samsung website. This on-line database will go live once alternative units start to become available. In Australia, that will be from September 21.

You can take the device’s specific IMEI number from its packaging (if available), or from the phone’s back, or from the device settings, by going to Settings > General > Status.

Even if you find out that the box has a black square and “S” sticker, we recommend you to run the IMEI number taken from the cellphone through Samsung’s database, simply to be extra sure.

We anticipate the markings to be similar in other markets. Samsung stated it’d start the worldwide Note 7 recall process from around the middle of September.

In case you happen to run into a Note 7 unit from the original batch, don’t take any chances and undergo through the recall process – the small nuisance is surely well worth the peace of mind of understanding your smartphone won’t just set itself aflame with out warning.