Samsung Galaxy S6 Not Turning On – Solved with Ease

The Samsung Galaxy S6 as you all know is one of the best smartphones out there with top notch specifications and features. Along with such heavy features, users have experienced some negativity regarding the smartphone not turning on.

One user mentioned:

I was attempting to download an app from the google play store and then my phone turned off randomly. It was at full charge when this occurred. Now the phone doesn’t react to any button presses and will not turn on. It also doesn’t light up in any way when plugged into the charger. What do I do?

Problems on smartphones is nothing new, but they can vary from device to device and in this case we have a potential solution but could not be a permanent one, those who still have warranty must get their Samsung Galaxy S6 checked as soon as possible and also get a replacement if necessary.

Solution to Samsung Galaxy S6 Not Turning On

  • Press and hold all 4 buttons, volume +/-, power and home.
  • You will be given option to restart.
  • Use volume buttons to go up and down, home button to select.

Be careful, there is an option to wipe your phone too. If you have not backed it up, you will have to redo EVERYTHING.

Here are some other issues which Samsung Galaxy S6 owners found as well:

My S6 has just died twice on me. No reason, pressed power button to turn screen. No sign of life after that. Had to do hard reboot. Samsung guy at Best Buy says it can happen.

The solution helped few users:

Crazy it just happened to me. Had a blue led light flashing Burt that was it. No buttons would react and there screen wouldn’t light up. Holding all 4 buttons finally booted to the reset menu. Thanks

There is nothing to worry about, let us know if you have any other questions related to any device and we will get back to you. You may want to take a look at this article on how to handle your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery here.

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