HTC One – Finding Your Lost or Stolen Phone

The HTC One is one of the best smartphones in the market today and is known for its strength in hardware, with a fascinating outlook and aluminium body. Purchasing such a high end phone definitely requires breaking the yearly savings for many, while others can simply dream of owning one. For those who have purchased the masterpiece and are scared of losing it or being stolen, today’s article will help you keep track of your expensive HTC One, even in some of the worst circumstances.

Those who have been using HTC phone’s do understand that the company does not include any special software to keep track of a lost or stolen HTC One, but there is a free app in the Google Play Store that can help you keep your phone secured.


Click on the image to find the PlayStore download link.

Lookout Mobile is a free Android app that allows users to remotely lock a lost or stolen HTC One. The app can also help users track the specific location of the device and if the battery dies it will send out a last attempt signal flare with the location information.

Steps on How To Function with Lookout

  • Log in to to view the location of your device in real time, they will show you where your phone is on a Google Map increasing your chance of finding it.
  • You can also see your phone’s location by clicking on the missing device tab in the Lookout app.
  • There are many of us who have a habit of losing things in between couch and cushions, don’t worry Lookout has your back, you can start a loud alarm, when you think it is close by, “even if your phone is set to SLIENT.” You can turn on scream from either or from the Android app, which is definitely handy when you are on the go.
  • Therefore Lookout Mobile is one of the best free apps available in the store which can keep your smartphone safe, not to forget mentioning there are some free features  which scans apps installed on the HTC One to protect users from malware on Android apps.