How to Watch HTC One M8 Launch in NYC LIVE

The HTC One M8 is about to launch in almost 24 hours on Tuesday 8 am PT. This is definitely the latest flagship device which is rumored to come with dual cameras and an updated Sense UI skin.

As most of you know, HTC boomed social media with “all new” HTC One to tease its latest flagship phone, and they have high hopes that the new One will come above the rest. For those who want to watch the HTC One M8 Launc in NYC Live CLICK HERE

HTC One M8

The new flagship phone of HTC is something the company is relying heavily on because their profits and sales are continuing to fall. While the HTC One was awarded as the best phone of 2013 and was praised heavily for its metallic design, it got surpassed with the marketing frenzy of Galaxy S4 from Samsung. The company has got lot of work ahead to make sure the same thing does not repeat as the Galaxy S5 is also set to launch soon.

The HTC One M8 is said to accompany itself with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 or 805 processor, along with a slightly larger 5-inch screen. The device also could sport a RAM of 3 GB to make tasks run faster. Twin camera lenses can be expected on the M8 along with its Sense UI skin that layers on top of Android with motion gesture controls and a cleaner interface with flatter icons.