Tips and Tricks to Strengthen WiFi Signal

Wireless connections can be found almost everywhere these days, mainly due to the transformation of mobile phones to smartphones which have wireless ability to join a particular network for internet connectivity. Laptops, netbooks, tablets, eBook readers, smartphones, printers and even some hard disks have the ability to connect to a WiFi network.

Having a WiFi router with a very strong signal is very important even within the household because it allows you to be flexible and move around with ease. There are certain ways to increase network strength efficiently, and can be done for free too. Lets take a look at some of the tips below.


Avoid Devices that Emit Radiation

WiFi emits radio signals and so does microwave ovens, wireless phones, fluorescent bulbs etc, why are we saying this? This is because, these signals could cause interference and therefore reduces signal strength. Some other devices which can cause further hindrance are Bluetooth devices, your neighbors router, and loud WiMax signals in your area. Electrical appliances that have become old and have damaged cables, can be sources of radiation, that interfere with your router’s WiFi signal. Getting rid of the devices mentioned will give you stronger signals for sure.

Refreshing Your Router

For those using the same router for years, should know that the device may lose its signal strengths with time. We would suggest you to replace it with a new one, but you could reset it at times and keep it off when not in use, to increase usability. A friendly suggestion, while purchasing a router, buy the one that is “n” type, 802.11 n IE, but 802.11 b or 802.11 G.

Secure Your Router

This is a very simple mistake which most users ignore, maybe because they feel its unnecessary or are too careless. Securing your network with the best encryption algorithm (better WPA or WPA2 and WEP), and enter a secret password so that your rooter will be very difficult for others to access.

Even if you are the owner of a cafeteria or restaurant and want to offer free wireless connectivity, set your router with a password and share them to guests on request. Remember, you can change your password whenever you want.

Hope these free solutions help you to strengthen WiFi signal for usage on your favorite devices.

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