How to Increase Security On HTC One Max

The HTC One Max is the elder brother to HTC One having a larger size and is equipped with amazing features such as a fingerprint scanner. Fingerprint scanner allows you to secure your phone from theft and is located at the bottom of the camera, making it difficult for others to find.

Pattern Locking

Most people make use of the simple swipe unlocking method, being careless about security, that can be replaced by pattern locking by going to the Settings and then Lock Screen option.

You can always deselect the Use Visible Pattern and increase your security, as it becomes more difficult for someone who is watching you unlock over your shoulder memorize it. If you have forgotten your unlock pattern accidentally, there is nothing to worry because after 5 unsuccessful tries a button appears saying “Forgot Pattern.” On pressing it, you will be asked to enter your Gmail username and password and then asked to enter a new unlock pattern.

If you do not have a Gmail account, you would have to hard reset your HTC One Max to get it fixed, which unfortunately erases all internal memory. Therefore, it is suggested to backup your phone regularly.

Watch the Video Below For More Info