LG G2 Tips and Tricks – SMS Themes Customization and Full Frame Images Quality Improvement

In this edition of LG G2 Tips and Tricks we will take a look onto SMS themes customization and full frame images quality improvement. These things may not be that important, but there is definitely no harm in knowing them.

SMS Themes Customization

To change the theme of your SMS, Go to Menu then Settings then Conversation Theme. You can set different wallpapers per contacts and you can also use your own wallpaper or the current themes to customize your themes. Give your device a new look.

Full Frame Images Quality Improvement

4:3 aspect ratio is what the default LG G2’s 13 Megapixel size offers. But when you view full High Definition images the aspect ratio becomes 16:9, where you will find irritating black bars on both side of the images. To solve this issue, you can try to use W10M (wide 10-megapixel) for viewing pictures on your LG G2.

Watch the Video Below For More Information