How Can I save battery Life On iPhone?

How can I save battery life on iPhone? is a common question asked by most iPhone owners especially those who have updated to the iOS 8 operating system. Users of the iOS 8 have experienced major battery drain problems, which is normal but doing a few changes can help you improve battery life on your device.

Adjusting the Display Settings

One of the most easiest and basic way to save battery life is by setting the brightness settings to the lowest level that until it is comfortable for you to use. In order to do so, go to display and brightness under settings and you will find an option to turn down the brightness.

Note : Turn off Auto-Brightness for better results.

Turn off Location and WiFi Settings

When you are not using WiFi connection make sure you turn it off, because it will keep searching for a network to log in. There are times when you cannot use your phone, switching to Airplane mode is suggested which will help save battery life. Turn off Location services which can be found under Privacy, which should affect multiple apps and help you improve battery life.

Turn Off Apps That Are Eating All the Battery Life

You can check which Apps are eating most of your battery life by going to settings, general, usage and then battery usage. Take a look at which apps are consuming most of the battery, close those apps which does not need regular usage and save battery life.

Make Charging Faster

The quicker you drain battery life, the more time it takes to recharge your iPhone. Using an iPad charger instead of the default charger can speed up recharge time if you own the iPhone 6 or 6 plus. This works only if you have a new iPad charger in your vicinity.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on iPhone and iOS 8.