How to get Outlook Contacts to Sync on Samsung Galaxy S7

2016 is the year that Samsung finally manages to bring everything together and create the near perfect phone. The Galaxy S7 isn’t as curvy as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, nor as S-Pen toting as the Note 7, but it’s the phone most people should buy.

There is of course competition coming from the iPhone 7, but the rumored headphone jack lacking device hasn’t got our blood whirling just yet.

With its ace camera, curvy body, water-resistance and stripped back software; the Galaxy S7 could be the phone of the year


After the massive, and much needed, change in design direction Samsung took with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge in 2015, all rumours pointed to things staying pretty much the same for the Galaxy S7.

Well, it’s not like Apple, HTC or Sony make drastic changes to their industrial design every year.

And that’s exactly the case here. Place the Galaxy S7 next to the S6 and you’d be hard pushed to instantly pick which one is which. Frankly, this doesn’t bother me in the slightest. The S6 was already one of the best-looking phones around, and the Galaxy S7 follows suit.



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Lets take a look at one issue which a friend faced few days back and its solution below.

Question on How to get Outlook Contacts to Sync on Samsung Galaxy S7

Microsoft exchange was used to sync Gmail, Outlook along with other contacts. Contacts failed to sync and the user was not able to get them back to the contacts app again.


Solution could be to try and remove the account in the beginning, and then adding it back through the settings through the accounts menu.