HTC One – Using Lookout Website to Locate Your Lost or Stolen Phone

In our previous article we did see how effective the Lookout app is and how it can help locate your lost or stolen phone. The whole concept of a having your expensive device secured is amazing and gives you a chance of recovering it once its missing. There are other apps which you will come across in the Google Play Store which provide security but not as effective as Lookout. It allows you to keep track of your phone using internet connectivity.

Additional Features of Lookout

Along with keeping your phone safe, the Lookout app protects your phone from malware as it scans every app and ensures its safe for use. Another awesome feature is that it blocks malicious websites to cause any damage to your phone.

Other than these, the app also protects your privacy by seeing which app accesses your private info. It allows you to wipe your data at any moment so that no one can access personal info when your phone is with them and it also prevents encounters with phishing scams.

Take a look at the video below to get an idea of how Lookout works in the website.

I would suggest users to upgrade to premium because the additional benefits that Lookout provides is very handy and is definitely worth every penny spent.

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