LG G2 Tips and Tricks – Clipboard Manager and QSlide Feature

In this edition of LG G2 Tips and Tricks we will take a look onto clipboard manager and QSlide Feature. These things may not be that important, but there is definitely no harm in knowing them.

Clipboard Manager

Any thing that you have copied, such as an image or texts are stored in a built in clipboard manager, that can be accessed by pressing and holding an empty text box. You will then be directed to the clipboard.

QSlide Feature

The QSlide feature allows you to open some apps over other apps in special windows. In order to do so, first go to the notification drop down menu to tap the QSlide icon, and choose the apps you want to open, like Memo, E-mail, File Manager, Calculator, etc. You can move, resize or change transparency of the opened apps as you wish.

Watch the Video Below For More Info