LG G2 Tips and Tricks – Wireless Storage Function

In this edition of LG G2 Tips and Tricks we will take a look onto Wireless Storage Function. Knowing this feature may not be that important, but we are sure this will come in handy because you can store things quickly with ease.

LG G2 Tips and Tricks – Wireless Storage Function

This is an amazing feature that many owners of the LG G2 may overlook. You can transfer files to your device wirelessly by making use of this Wireless Storage app.

Enable the Wireless Storage from the notification drop down menu. Then you will come across instructions for IP address and password.

You can change the password in the Wireless Storage app settings. And we suggest you to set a static IP address on your phone if you don’t want to input this information again and again.

Then you can use the Wireless Storage app whenever your LG G2 and your computer are connected to the same wireless network.

Watch the Video Below for More Info